Woodward Flo-Tech

Integrated Throttle Body and Actuator

Part number: 8235-147, 8235-xxx


Flo-Tech integrated throttle body and actuator


The Flo-Tech™ ITB integrated throttle body and actuator is designed with flow shaping to assist in engine idle stability. The throttle body will provide equivalent maximum flow rates of standard butterfly throttle bodies of the same diameter. The system contains a return spring to fully comply with DOT 571.124 specifications.
Determination of the proper size requires a knowledge of the absolute pressure drops across the valve, the expected temperature of the gaseous media flowing, and the density of the gas. Cv (volume coefficients) are provided to determine the flow vs. angle. For initial testing a valve body diameter similar to the one typically used on the application can be used. The Flo-Tech ITB is designed for direct replacement of manual throttle bodies. It requires no actuator or linkage.


The Flo-Tech family of electrically actuated throttles/valves controls flow. The flow is a function of throttle position and pressure drop. The throttle position is proportional to the position command signal.

The Flo-Tech ITB can be made with 33, 48, 60, 68, and 75 mm bore sizes for various applications. Command input options come in PWM, 0–5 Vdc, 4–20 mA, and 0–200 mA. Position feedback output signal will vary from 0.5 ± 0.1 volts to 4.5 ± 0.1 volts nominal at the min and max actuator position respectively. The PWM command input version will return to minimum actuator position with a command of greater than 95% duty cycle.

The Flo-Tech actuator requires a power supply of 9–32 Vdc. The supply must be capable of supplying a sustained 25 watts at steady-state and 50 watts for transient
state conditions for at least 0.25 second.


Special features

• No linkage or couplings

• Cost-effective and highly efficient

• Extremely low maintenance product

• Small size for easy installation

• Conveniently integrated electronics

• Includes return spring to fully comply with DOT 571.124 specs

• Versatile 12 or 24 Vdc operation


Throttle sizes

33 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm, 68 mm, 75 mm

Recent version for Guascor 1930599 Woodward part number 8735-423

Verified 2023 March